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Particles and fields
(incl. Group-Theoretical Methods; Classical, Relativistic and Quantum Mechanics; Special Relativity; Relativistic Quantum Theory; Classical and Quantum Field Theory; Strong, Electromagnetic, Weak and Gravitational Interactions; General Relativity; Stable Particles, Hypothetical Particles and Interactions; Cosmic Rays; Relativistic Astrophysics, Cosmology)
(incl. Plasma Basic Properties; Elementary Processes in Plasma; Plasma Radiation; Oscillations and Waves; Plasma Instabilities; Nonlinear Phenomena and Turbulence; Beams; Shock Waves; Moving Plasmas; Inertial and Magnetic Confinement; Thermonuclear (Fusion) Reactors; Plasma Acceleration; MHD-generators; Gas Discharges; Plasma in Space; Computational Methods; Diagnostics; Applications)
Atoms and molecules
(incl. Electronic Shells of Atoms; Geometry, Rotation and Vibration of Molecules; Electronic Shells of Molecules and Intermolecular Forces; Interaction of Atoms and Molecules with External Fields, Radiation and Environment)
Atomic nucleus
(incl. Nuclear Structure; Radioactive Decay; Nuclear Properties; Nuclear Reactions; Nuclear Fission; Nuclear Astrophysics; Nuclear Interactions of Cosmic Rays; Penetration of Nuclear Particles and Gamma-Quanta through Matter; Experimental Methods and Instrumentation for Elementary-Particle and Nuclear Physics: Separation and Analysis of Isotopes, Mass Spectrometry, Accelerators, Detectors and Spectrometers, Nuclear Electronics, Radioactive Sources, Radiometry, Dosimetry and Shielding, Computer Application and Data Processing in Experiments)
Nuclear reactors physics
(incl. Neutron Physics; Nuclear Data; Nuclear (Fission) Reactors and Radiation Transport - Theory, Calculation and Experimental Investigations; Reactor and Reactor Installation Dynamics; Control and Direction; Radiation Protection and Shielding; Nuclear Power, Reliability and Safety Problems; Engineering Problems)
Gases and Liquids. Thermodynamics and statistical physics
(incl. Gases; Liquids; Quantum and Anisotropic Liquids; Liquid Crystals; Liquid Metals, Semiconductors and Dielectrics; Electrolytes; Polymer and Biopolymer Liquids; Methods of Experimental Investigations of Gases and Liguids; Statistical Thermodynamics; Theory of Irreversible Processes and Kinetic Phenomena)
Structure of solids
(incl. Condensed State Theory; Crystal Structure, Chemical Bonds and Crystalline Fields; Lattice Vibrations; Mechanical and Thermal Properties; Defects; Phase Equilibrium and Transitions; Diffusion and Ionic Transport; Methods of Experimental Studying of Crystal Structure and Lattice Dynamics; Effect of Radiation)
Electrical, magnetic, and optical properties of solids
(incl. Theory; Normal Metals; Semiconductors; Dielectrics; Ferroelectrics and Antiferroelectrics; Ferromagnetics; Ferrimagnetics; Antiferromagnetics and Weak Magnetism; Electronic Paramagnetics; Diamagnetics; Nuclear Magnetism)
Magnetic properties of solids.
(incl. Theory; Ferromagnetics; Ferrimagnetics; Antiferromagnetics and weak ferromagnetism; Electronic paramagnetics; Diamagnetics; Nuclear magnetism. )
(incl. Elastic Waves and Vibrations; Physical Acoustics of Gases, Liquids and Solids; Action of Sound and Ultrasound on Matter; Emission and Reception of Sound; Electroacoustics; Acoustoelectronics and Acoustooptics; Noises; Acoustical Measurements and Instrumentation; Acoustics of Natural Environment and Building, Architectural Acoustics; Physiological Acoustics and Bioacoustics; Speech and Musical Acoustics)
Radio science. Physical electronics
(incl. Nonlinear Oscillations and Waves; Quantum Radiofrequency and Microwave Oscillators and Amplifiers; Statistical Radio Science; Electromagnetic Wave Propagation; Radiowave and Microwave Electrodynamics and Measurements; Radio Astronomy; Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves; Electron and Ion Emission, Spectroscopy ; Particle Optics; Electron Diffraction; Electron and Ion Microscopy; Vacuum Electron-Wave Devices; Radiowave and Microwave Solid-State Devices)
(incl. Radiation and Wave Optics; Optics of Atoms and Ions; Molecular Optics; Optics of Solids; Luminescence; Spectroscopic Methods and Techniques; Optical Image Forming, Instruments and Methods; Holography; Photographic Process; Optics of Natural Objects; Physiological Optics)
Laser physics
(incl. Fundamentals of Laser Physics; Lasers; Methods of Optical Radiation Control; Statistics of Laser Light. Quantum Optics; Nonlinear Optical Properties of Media and Frequency Conversion; Stimulated Light Scattering; Optical Waveguides; Integrated Optics; Photonics Propagation Laser Radiation; Laser Action on Matter; Laser Spectroscopy; Laser Applications)
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