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База данных PEIS-V больше не обновляется с 1 июня 2018г.

The PEIS-V database is no longer updated from June 1, 2018

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   Plasma Physics (including Thermonuclear Fusion).
      Magnetic plasma confinement. (including fusion reactions)
          General. (7)

          Reviews. (9)

          Plasma confinement (theory). (461)

          Tokamaks. (6725)

          Pinch effects. (1400)

          Stellarators. Bumpy tori. (853)

          Systems with internal conductors (Ring systems). (26)

          Open systems. (157)

          Electron and ion rings. (8)

          Gas blanket confinement. (0)

          Electron cloud confinement. (3)

          Non standard systems for fusion. (48)

          Injection. (198)

          HF-heating. (276)

          Laser heating. (34)

          Turbulent heating. (5)

          Non standard heating methods. (7)

          Engineering problems of fusion research. (247)

          Thermonuclear reactors (Fusion reactors). (5579)

          Other topics and problems. (44)