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База данных PEIS-V больше не обновляется с 1 июня 2018г.

The PEIS-V database is no longer updated from June 1, 2018

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   Atoms and molecules.
      Interaction of atoms and molecules with external fields and radiation.
          General problems. (289)

          Reviews. (125)

          Atoms and molecules in electric field. (1755)

          Atoms and molecules in magnetic field. (4840)

          Coherent states of atoms and molecules. (1155)

          Transitions between rotation and vibration states. (1301)

          Transitions between electronic states. (2212)

          Photoionisation and photodissociation. (3187)

          Mechanical action of light on atoms and molecules. (1881)

          Transitions by laser radiation. (2261)

          Multifrequency resonanses. (117)

          Rotation of the polarisation plane, circular dichroism and other optical properties. (459)

          Emission and absorption of atoms and molecules by collisions. (404)

          Collisions of atoms and molecules in external fields. (576)