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База данных PEIS-V больше не обновляется с 1 июня 2018г.

The PEIS-V database is no longer updated from June 1, 2018

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   Plasma Physics (including Thermonuclear Fusion).
      Plasma applications.
          General. (2)

          Conferences, symposia, schools. (44)

          Reviews. (8)

          Ion and electron sources. (552)

          Thermionic converters. (13)

          Plasma radiation sources. (271)

          Gas lasers. (428)

          Plasma jets. (669)

          Plasma chemistry. (1657)

          Sources of low temperature plasma. (439)

          Gas discharge counters of radiation. (32)

          Isotope separation. Plasma centrifuge. (51)

          Current switches. (460)

          Microwave generators. (827)

          Plasma technology. (2983)

          Other topics and problems. (84)