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   Radiophysics. Physical electronics.
      Millimeter and submillimeter waves.
          General problems. (0)

          Conferences, symposia, schools. (4)

          Reviews. (117)

          Generation and amplification. (964)

          Signal transformation. (352)

          Detectors of radiation. (212)

          Radiation control. (107)

          Transmission lines. (135)

          Antennas. (338)

          Microwave elements. (283)

          Microwave measurements. (166)

          Spectroscopic methods. (72)

          Physical properties of matter in millimeter and submillimeter waves region. (394)

          Wave propagation in different media. (101)

          Millimeter and submillimeter radioastronomy. (1865)

          Applications of millimeter and submillimeter waves. (1123)