Physics Electronic Information Service

 All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI)

How to Use PEIS-V

    The key element of PEIS-V is the dynamic detailed - 6 level - Classification Scheme for Physics (CSP) of VINITI which now is connected with 4-level Western CSPs such as PACS and INSPEC. This comprehensive CSP reflects the status and dynamics of today's physics.

    At present CSP-VINITI contains over 8000 headings and subheadings and may be used as an adequate basic tool for selection from physical sources and for in-depth multi-profile and multi-aspect systematization of articles. It is hierarchically marked, and now PEIS-V includes 12 main sections of CSP-VINITI available at (former address
    An optimal set of subheading codes is assigned to each physical article in accordance with determined (by means of experts - highly qualified physicist) various concrete tasks which were investigated in it.

    As the first step at conducting of the retrieval search within PEIS-V you have to open its CSP and take your choice of the corresponding physics section - 1st level of CSP. Then you take your further choice from the pointed below 2nd levels and so on up to interested for you specific topical subheading. Finally you may press "Search articles" exactly corresponded to this subheading and additional terms or keywords.

    You may consider also the full List of Basic Sources Scanned for PEIS-V and the partial list for a given physics section.

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