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База данных PEIS-V больше не обновляется с 1 июня 2018г.

The PEIS-V database is no longer updated from June 1, 2018

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      Properties of stable particles and fundamental conservation laws (experiment).
         Search for new types of stable particles.
            Other models.
Search for massive supersymmetric particles decaying to many jets using the ATLAS detector in pp collisions at s=8TeV
G. Aad et al. (ATLAS Collaboration)
Phys. Rev. D: Part. Fields , Vol: 91, No: 11 , published: 29 June 2015
Performance of a lithium fluoride bolometer for Tokyo dark matter search experiment
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Search for double beta decay of {100}Mo with liquid argon ionization chamber (first results)
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Cryogenic dark matter search and solar axion search at the university of Tokyo
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First results from SOLAX: a new technique to detect axions from the sun
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Exclusion limits on the WIMP-nucleon cross section from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
Collaboration) D. Abrams et al. (CDMS
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Поиск аксиона в ядерных переходах магнитного типа
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Search for magnetic monopoles at the Chacaltaya cosmic ray laboratory
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Strangelets at Chacaltaya
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First results from the Heidelberg dark matter search experiment
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In searching for daemons
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