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   Plasma Physics (including Thermonuclear Fusion).
      Plasma simulation. (Computational methods in plasma physics).
Global gyrokinetic simulations of TEM microturbulence
T. Vernay, S. Brunner, L. Villard, B. F. McMillan, S. Jolliet, A. Bottino, T. Görler, F. Jenko
Plasma Phys. and Contr. Fusion, Vol: 55, No: 7 , published: 01 July 2013
Generation of Intermittent Turbulent Events at the Transition from Closed to Open Field Lines in a Toroidal Plasma
T. Happel, F. Greiner, N. Mahdizadeh, B. Nold, M. Ramisch, and U. Stroth
Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol: 102, No: 25 , published: 23 June 2009
Wave-Number Spectrum of Drift-Wave Turbulence
Ö. D. Gürcan, X. Garbet, P. Hennequin, P. H. Diamond, A. Casati, and G. L. Falchetto
Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol: 102, No: 25 , published: 23 June 2009
Electrostatic Short-Scale Termination of Solar-Wind Turbulence
Francesco Valentini and Pierluigi Veltri
Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol: 102, No: 22 , published: 01 June 2009
Roughness formation during plasma etching of composite materials: a kinetic Monte Carlo approach
Zakka E./Constantoudis V./Gogolides E.
IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. Pt 1, Vol: 35, No: 5 , published: 14 October 2007
Turbulence phenomena in the radio frequency induction plasma torch
Ye R., Proulx P., Boulos M.I.
Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer. , Vol: 42, No: 9 , 1999
Computer simulation of laser-beam self-focusiong in a plasma
Subbarao D., Singh H., Uma R., Bhaskar S.
J. Plasma Phys., Vol: 61, No: 3 , 1999
Anomalous diffusion in a running sandpile model
Carreras B. A., Lynch V. E., Newman D. E., Zaslavsky G. M.
Phys. Rev. E: Stat. Nonlinear Soft Matter Phys., Vol: 60, No: 4 , 1999
Turbulence modelling
Garbet Xavier
Europhys. News, Vol: 29, No: 6 , 1998
A second-order accurate implicit scheme for strongly coupled fluid equations applied to fluid electron turbulence in a magnetised plasma
Scott B.D.
J. Comput. Phys., Vol: 124, No: 1 , 1996
Numerical simulations of tokamak plasma turbulence and internal transport barriers
Thyagaraja A.
Plasma Phys. and Contr. Fusion, Vol: 42, No: 12