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   Atomic nucleus.
      Nuclear structure.
         Theory of few nucleon systems and application of its methods to complex nuclei.
            General problems.
Ефимовские состояния в трехчастичных атомных кластерах
Колганова Е. А.
Физ. элементар. частиц и атом. ядра, Vol: 48, No: 6 , published: 14 December 2017
Implications of Efimov physics for the description of three and four nucleons in chiral effective field theory
A. Kievsky, M. Viviani, M. Gattobigio, and L. Girlanda
Phys. Rev. C: Nucl. Phys., Vol: 95, No: 2 , published: 07 February 2017
Light-front spin-dependent spectral function and nucleon momentum distributions for a three-body system
Alessio Del Dotto, Emanuele Pace, Giovanni Salmè, and Sergio Scopetta
Phys. Rev. C: Nucl. Phys., Vol: 95, No: 1 , published: 10 January 2017
Universal physics of three bosons with isospin
Tetsuo Hyodo, Tetsuo Hatsuda, and Yusuke Nishida
Phys. Rev. C: Nucl. Phys., Vol: 89, No: 3 , published: 07 March 2014
Universal short-range repulsion in the baryon system originating from the confinement. Approach in String-Junction model
Tamagaki Ryozo
Progr. Theor. Phys., Vol: 119, No: 6 , published: 08 December 2008
Строение регулярных решений уравнений Фаддеева вблизи точки парного удара
Пупышев В.В.
Теор. и мат. физ., Vol: 156, No: 1 , published: 27 November 2008
A realistic formalism for 4N bound state in a three-dimensional Yakubovsky scheme
Bayegan Shahriar/Hadizadeh Mohammad Reza/Gl~:ockle Walter
Progr. Theor. Phys., Vol: 120, No: 5 , published: 20 November 2008
Exact bound solution of the Klein-Gordon equation and the Dirac equation with Rosen-Morse ~I~I potential
Zhang Ai-Ping\Qiang Wen-Chao
High Energy Phys. and Nucl.Phys.=Gaoneng wuli yu hewuli , Vol: 31, No: 11 , published: 15 May 2008
Ложные решения трехмерных уравнений Фаддеева
Пупышев В.В.
Теор. и мат. физ., Vol: 148, No: 2 , published: 23 July 2007
Structure and dynamics of few-nucleon systems
Carlson J., Shiavilla R.
Rev. Mod. Phys. 1998. 70, N, Vol: 70, No: 3 , 1998
Аномальная асимптотика интеграла перекрытия для связанных систем трех или более тел
Блохинцев Л.Д., Диас О., Муминова Д.Х. и др.
Вестн. МГУ. Сер. 3, Vol: 3, No: 4