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   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Theory and calculation of nuclear reactors and radiation transport.
         Cell calculations.
            Resonance neutron absorption in a thermal reactor.
Extension of double heterogeneity treatment method for coated TRISO fuel particles
Hanjoo Kim, Sooyoung Choi, Minyong Park, Deokjung Lee, Hyun Chul Lee
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 99, No: 0 , published: 01 January 2017
>Heterogeneous Pseudo-Resonant Isotope Method for Resolved Resonance Interference Treatment in Resonance Self-Shielding Calculation
Tiejun Zu, Qian Zhang, Hongchun Wu, Liangzhi Cao, Qingming He, Won Sik Yang
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 184, No: 4 , published: 18 December 2016
Учет неразрешенных резонансов при решении уравнения переноса нейтронов методом Монте-Карло
Е. В. Артемьева, Н. В. Иванов, А. Г. Малькин, Т. В. Семенова
Вопр. атом. науки и техн. Сер. Мат. моделир. физ. процессов, Vol: 2014, No: 1 , published: 01 January 2014
Distributed Resonance Self-Shielding Using the Equivalence Principle
Dimitar Altiparmakov
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 175, No: 3 , published: 07 November 2013
Subgroup method with resonance interference factor table
Sitao Peng, Xiaofeng Jiang, Shaohong Zhang, Dezhong Wang
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 59 (2013), No: 0 , published: 01 September 2013
Neutronic simulation of a pebble bed reactor considering its double heterogeneous nature
Amin Abedi, Naser Vosoughi
Nucl. Eng. Des., Vol: 253, No: , published: 01 December 2012
Impact assessment of upscattering on resonance calculation using improved ultrafine energy group method
M. Akbari, A. Minuchehr, A. Zolfaghari, F. Khoshahval
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 49, No: , published: 01 November 2012
Uncertainty quantification in resonance absorption
M.M.R. Williams
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 47, No: , published: 01 September 2012
Validation of new depletion capabilities and ENDF/B-VII data libraries in SCALE
Germina Ilas, Ian C. Gauld, Georgeta Radulescu
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 46, No: , published: 04 August 2012
Development of Self-Interrogation Neutron Resonance Densitometry to Quantify the Fissile Content in PWR Spent LEU and MOX Assemblies
Adrienne M. LaFleur, William S. Charlton, Howard O. Menlove, Martyn T. Swinhoe
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 171, No: 3 , published: 22 July 2012
On-the-Fly Doppler Broadening for Monte Carlo Codes
Gokhan Yesilyurt, William R. Martin, Forrest B. Brown
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 171, No: 3 , published: 22 July 2012
New Strategy on the Evaluation of Dancoff Factor in a Pebble Bed Reactor Using Monte Carlo Method
Song Hyun Kim, Hong-Chul Kim, Jong Kyung Kim, Jea Man Noh
Nucl. Technol., Vol: 177, No: 2 , published: 04 February 2012
Studies of 2D reflector effects in cross section preparation for deep burn VHTRs
Vincent Descotes, Michael A. Pope, Javier Ortensi, Alain Hébert
Nucl. Eng. Des., Vol: 242, No: , published: 22 January 2012
Особенности резонансного поглощения нейтронов в торийсодержащих размножающих системах, вызванные изменением отношения объемов замедлителя и топлива
Шаманин И.В./Годовых А.В./Селезнев П.А.
Изв. вузов. Ядер. энерг., Vol: 2009, No: 1 , published: 09 December 2009
The effect of scattering interference term on the practical width
Martins do Amaral C., Vartinez A.S.
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 28, No: 11 , published: 15 July 2001
Extension of rational approximation method to p-wave collision amplitudes in Reich-Moore resonance formalism
Devan K., Keshavamurthy R.S.
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 28, No: 10 , published: 01 July 2001
Temperature dependence of unshielded cross-sections in multigroup cross-section sets
Gopalakrishnan V.
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 27, No: 11 , published: 15 July 2000
Derivation of modified approximate analytical formulae for calcualting the direct and adjoint flux weighted resonance integrals using a variable neutron spectrum
Rushdy H.
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 27, No: 2 , published: 15 January 2000
Resonance parameters perturbation with Doppler broadening in Monte Carlo neutron transport problems
Morillon B.
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 27, No: 1 , published: 01 January 2000
A rational approximation to Reich-Moore collision matrix of non-fissile nuclides
Devan K., Keshavamurthy R.S.
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 26, No: 14 , 1999
Improving the wide resonance approximation
Aboustta M.A., Martinez A.S.
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 26, No: 5 , 1999
In-rod effective cross sections of resonance absorbers evaluated with routine cell codes
Segev M., Raitses G., Paratte J.M.
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 131, No: 1 , 1999
The influence of crystalline binding on resonant absorption and reaction rates
Naberejnev Dimitri G., Mounier Claude, Sanchez Richard
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 131, No: 2 , 1999
Integral data analysis for resonance parameter determination
Larson N.M., Leal L.C., Derrien H.
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 131, No: 2 , 1999
The intermediate resonance parametrs in the multigroup formalism
Sanchez A., dos Santos A.
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 131, No: 3 , 1999
A multiband method with resonance interference effect
Takeda Toshikazu, Kanayama Yuichiro
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 131, No: 3 , 1999
Resonance parameter adjustrment methodology based on integral experiment analysis
Blaise Patrick, Fort Eric
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 133, No: 3 , 1999
Self-shielding and energy dependence of dilution cross-section in the resolved resonance region
Gopalakrishnan V., Ganesan S.
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 25, No: 11 , 1998
A corrected formula for calculating the resonance practical width as a function of temperature
Roushdy H.
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 24, No: 4 , 1997
Probability distributions for first neighbor distances between resonances that belong to two different families
Difilippo F.C.
Ann. Nucl. Energy, Vol: 21, No: 4 , 1994
Conversion of single- and multilevel Breit-Wigner resonance parameters to pole representation aprameters
Jammes C., Hwang R.N.
Nucl. Sci. and Eng., Vol: 134, No: 1