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      Optics of atoms and ions
         Emission and absorption.
            Forbidden lines.
Transition rates for some forbidden lines in Fe IV
Froese Fischer C., Rubin R.H.
J. Phys. B, Vol: 31, No: 8 , 1998
Transient formation of forbidden lines
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Spectroscopy of the electric-quadrupole transition {2}S[1/2](F=0)-{2}D[3/2](F=2) in trapped {171}Yb{+}
Tamm Chr., Engelke D., Buhner V.
Phys. Rev. A, Vol: 61, No: 5
Observation of the {2}S[1/2]-{2}F[7/2] electric octupole transition in a single {171}Yb{+} ion
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Intercombination and forbidden transition rates in C- and N-like ions (O{2+}, F{3+}, and S{9+} measured at a heavy-ion storage ring
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Phys. Rev. A, Vol: 62, No: 2