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      Optics of molecules.
         Emission and absorption.
Enhancement of circular dichroism by a planar non-chiral magnetic metamaterial
T Cao, Martin J Cryan
J. Opt.(India)., Vol: 14, No: 8 , published: 24 August 2012
Conformational Analysis of Quinine and Its Pseudo Enantiomer Quinidine: A Combined Jet-Cooled Spectroscopy and Vibrational Circular Dichroism Study
Ananya Sen, Aude Bouchet, Valeria Lepère, Katia Le Barbu-Debus, D. Scuderi, F. Piuzzi,  A. Zehnacker-Rentien
J. Phys. Chem. A , Vol: 116, No: 32 , published: 16 August 2012
Dichroism in photoelectron-fluorescence coincidence spectroscopy of rotating linear molecules
Sen S.
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Synthesis and absolute configuration of axially chiral binaphthoquinones
Baker R.W., Liu S., Sargent M.V.
Austral. J. Chem., Vol: 51, No: 4 , 1998
Поворот плоскости поляризации света ансамблем орентированных линейных ассоциатов. Модельные представления
Прищепов А.С.
Ж. прикл. спектроскопии, Vol: 65, No: 1 , 1998
Effect of central metal substitution on linear dichroism of porphyrins: Evidence of out-of-plane transition moments
Gryczynski Zygmunt, Paolesse Roberto, Smith Kevin M., Bucci Enrico
Biophys. Chem, Vol: 69, No: 1 , 1997
Asymmetric transformation of phenylglyoxal into mandelic acid catalyzed by cyclodextrin-based glyoxalase models
Tamagaki Seizo, Narikawa Jun, Katayama Atsushi
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn., Vol: 69, No: 8 , 1996
CH-π interaction as an important driving force of host-guest coplexation in apolar organic media. Binding of monools and acetylated compounds to resorcinol cyclic tetramer as studied by {1}H NMR and circular dichroism spectroscopy
Kobayashi K., Asakawa Y., Kikuchi Y., Toi H., Aoyama Y.
J. Am. Ceram. Soc. , Vol: 115, No: 7 , 1993
Spectroscopic and theoretical description of the electronic structure of the S=3/2 nitrosyl complex of non-heme iron enzymes
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J. Am. Ceram. Soc. , Vol: 1992, No: , published: 01 January 1992
Chiralities in double photoionization of rotating linear molecules
Sen S., Chandra N.
Phys. Rev. A: At. Mol. Opt. Phys., Vol: 62, No: 5
Chiralities in double photoionization of rotating linear molecules
Sen S., Chandra N.
Phys. Rev. A: At. Mol. Opt. Phys., Vol: 62, No: 5
Time-resolved infrared spectroscopy of molecule/binding site reorientation during ferroelectric liquid crystal electro-optic switching
Jang Won Gun, Park Cheol S., Clark Noel A.
Phys. Rev. E: Stat. Nonlinear Soft Matter Phys., Vol: 62, No: 4