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Supergiant halos as integral record of natural nuclear pionic radioactivity

Ion D.B., Ion-Mihai Reveica, Ion M.L., et al.

Rom. Rep. Phys., vol: 55, num: 4, 565-569, published: , RO

   Atomic nucleus.
      Radioactive decay.
         Other modes of radioactive decay: proton, heavy (cluster), etc.).

   Atomic nucleus.
      General problems of nuclear physics.
         Problems of nuclear physics adjacent to other fields (solid state physics, atomic physics, chemistry, biology etc.).

   Particles and fields.
      Strong interactions (theory).
         Nucleon--nucleon interactions.
            Properties of nuclei (except deuteron).*

   Particles and fields.
      Strong interactions (theory).
         Interactions of π and η mesons with baryons.
            Other topics.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Neutron physics. Nuclear data.
         Radioactive decay of nuclei.