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Неразрушающий контроль микроструктуры металла теплоэнергетического оборудования

Артамонов В.В., Артамонов В.П.

Дефектоскопия, vol: , num: 2, 34-43, published: , RU

      Acoustical measurements.
         Methods and apparatus for acoustical diagnosis.
            In solids.
               Acoustical defectoscopy.

      Action of sonic and ultrasonic waves on the matter.
         Effects on structure and properties of solids.
            Technological application.
               In defectoscopy.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Nuclear power. Reliability and safety problems. Engineering problems.
         Engineering problems (Thermodynamical cycles of nuclear power installations, out-core constructions, vessels, technological equipment, construction mechanics, nondestructive testing and acoustic diagnostics, equipment tests, corrosion etc.).

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Reactor and reactor installation dynamics. Control and direction.
         Monitoring and measuring apparatus. Control and direction system equipment.