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[script O](alpha{3} lnalpha) Corrections to Muonium and Positronium Hyperfine Splitting

Melnikov Kirill, Yelkhovsky Alexander

Phys. Rev. Lett., vol: 86, num: 8, 1498-1501, published: , US

   Particles and fields.
      Electromagnetic interactions (theory).
         Electromagnetic properties of leptons.
            Bound systems (hydrogen atom, positronium, etc.).

   Particles and fields.
      Electromagnetic interactions (theory).
         Quantum electrodynamics (general problems).

   Particles and fields.
      Relativistic quantum theory. Quantum field theory.
         Gauge fields.
            Abelian theories. Quantum electrodynamics.

      Optics of atoms and ions
         Emission and absorption.
            Hyperfine structure of lines. Isotopic effect.

   Atoms and molecules.
      General problems of atomic and molecular physics.
         Exotic Atoms and Molecules.