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О механизме рассеяния медленных нейтронов в водородсодержащих средах

Владимирский К.В.

Phys. Rev. A: At. Mol. Opt. Phys., vol: , num: 8, 3-7, published: , RU

   Atomic nucleus.
      General problems of nuclear physics.
         Problems of nuclear physics adjacent to other fields (solid state physics, atomic physics, chemistry, biology etc.).

   Atomic nucleus.
      Penetration of nuclear particles and gamma-quanta through matter.
         Penetration of neutrons through matter.

   Gases and liquids. Thermodynamics and statistical physics.
      Theory of irreversible processes and kinetic phenomena.
         Theory of scattering and emission in fluctuation media.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Theory and calculation of nuclear reactors and radiation transport.
         Cold and ultracold neutrons.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Neutron physics. Nuclear data.
         Cold and ultracold neutrons (production, accumulation, polarization, experimental study of interaction with matter, investigations by use of cold neutrons etc.).