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Lasing on the self-photopumped nickel-like 4f {1}P[1] >4d {1}P[1] X-ray transition

Nilsen Joseph, Dunn James, Osterheld Albert L., Li Yuelin

Phys. Rev. A: At. Mol. Opt. Phys., vol: 60, num: 4, R2677-R2680, published: , US

      Optics of atoms and ions
         Excitation and relaxation.
            Inversed population.
               X-ray and γ-systems.

   Laser physics.
         Vacuum UV and X-ray lasers.
            X-ray generation.

   Laser physics.
      Laser action on matter.
         Laser produced plasma.
            Plasma laser heating.
               Solid targets.