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Temporal characteristics of brillouin back-scattering pulses from a cell with focus geometry

Yong Han, Jichun Tan, Lei Ding et al.

Chin. J. Lasers=Zhongguo jiguang, vol: 26, num: 5, 405-410, published: , CN

      Optics of molecules.
         Light scattering in dense gases and liquids.
            Stimulated scattering.

      Radiation and wave optics.
         Nonlinear effects
            Wave front conjugation.

   Laser physics.
      Laser applications: Physical bases.
         Laser technology.

   Laser physics.
      Methods of optical radiation control.
         Nonlinear adaptive optics.
            Methods of production of phase conjugated wavefronts.
               Stimulated scattering.

   Laser physics.
      Stimulated light scattering.
         Stimulated Mandelstam--Brillouin scattering (SMBS).
            SMBS experimental investigations.