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Polarization changing and beam profile deformation of light during the isotopic Raman-Nath acousto-optic interaction

Tarn Chen-Wen, Huang Ray-Shu, Hsieh Cheh-Wei

Appl. Opt., vol: 37, num: 32, 7496-7503, published: , US

      Physical acoustics of gases, liquids and solids.
         Acousto-optical phenomena.
            Physics of acousto-optical devices.
               Modulators and filtres.

      Acoustoelectronics and acoustooptics.
         Acoustooptical devices.

   Laser physics.
      Stimulated light scattering.
         Stimulated Mandelstam--Brillouin scattering (SMBS).
            Spontaneous Mandelstam--Brillouin scattering.
               Light diffraction on acoustical waves.

   Radiophysics. Physical electronics.
      Radiowave and microwave electrodynamics. Radiowave and microwave measurements.
         Wave diffraction and scattering.
            On periodic structures and ultrasound.