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Two-dimensional bright spatial solitons stable over limited intensities and ring formation in plydiacetylene para-toluene sulfonate

Lawrence Brian L., Stegeman George I.

Opt. Lett., vol: 23, num: 8, 591-593, published: , US

   Laser physics.
      Fundamentals of laser physics.
         Physics of nonlinear optical processes.
            Wave self-actions.

   Laser physics.
      Propagation of laser radiation.
         General problems of laser light propagation in nonlinear media.
            Confined beams.
               Spatial solitons.

   Laser physics.
      Propagation of laser radiation.
         Self-actions of light waves in nonlinear media.
            Self-focusing of light beams.

      Radiation and wave optics.
         Wave optics.
            Propagation of waves.
               Nonlinear media.

      Radiation and wave optics.
         Nonlinear effects