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Experimental mapping of the absolute magnitude of the transition dipole moment function µe(R) of the Na2 A 1Sigma<sub>u</sub><sup>+</sup>X 1Sigma<sub>g</sub><sup>+</sup> transition

E. H. Ahmed, P. Qi, B. Beser, J. Bai, R. W. Field, J. P. Huennekens, and A. M. Lyyra

Phys. Rev. A: At. Mol. Opt. Phys., vol: 77, num: 5, 7 pages, published: 29 May 2008, 053414

Abstract: The absolute magnitude of the transition dipole moment function µe(R) of the A 1Sigma<sub>u</sub><sup>+</sup>X 1Sigma<sub>g</sub><sup>+</sup> band system of Na2 was mapped experimentally over a relatively large range of internuclear distance R. The transition dipole moment matrix element of a set of rovibrational transitions between the A 1Sigma<sub>u</sub><sup>+</sup> and X 1Sigma<sub>g</sub><sup>+</sup> states was measured using the Autler-Townes effect. By employing the R-centroid approximation, or a fit to a polynomial function involving higher order R centroids, µe as a function of the internuclear distance was obtained. These Autler-Townes effect based measurements yield the absolute magnitude of µe, which can be used to test ab initio theoretical transition dipole moment functions or to “normalize” experimental transition moment functions obtained from intensity measurements, which in general give only the relative behavior of µe(R).

   Atoms and molecules.
      Interaction of atoms and molecules with external fields and radiation.
         Transitions between electronic states.
            Lifetimes and transition probabilities for molecules.