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Novel antimonate photocatalysts MSb2O6 (M = Ca, Sr and Ba): a correlation between packing factor and photocatalytic activity

Xinping Lin, Jianjun Wu, Xujie Lü, Zhichao Shan, Wendeng Wang and Fuqiang Huang

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., vol: 11, num: 43, 10047-10052, published: 08 September 2009,

   Atoms and molecules.
      Collisions of atoms and molecules with particles.
         Redistribution of heavy particles upon collisions.

   Atoms and molecules.
      Interaction of atoms and molecules with external fields and radiation.
         Photoionisation and photodissociation.
            Dissociation and other transformations of molecules by action of light.