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Special Section on the 2009 Advanced Methods for Uncertainty Estimation in Measurement Workshop

Ferrero A.

IEEE Trans. Instrum. and Meas., vol: 59, num: 11, 2790 - 2791, published: 22 November 2011,

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Nuclear power. Reliability and safety problems. Engineering problems.
         General problems.
            Conferences, symposia, schools.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Experimental investigations (methods, results, analysis).
         Experimental techniques and methods. Planning of experiment and experimental data treatment.
            Planning of experiment and experimental data treatment (methods, means, codes, results).Corrections determination. Error analysis. Determination and taking into account of detector efficiency. Inverse problems solving.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Reactor and reactor installation dynamics. Control and direction.
         Monitoring and measuring apparatus. Control and direction system equipment.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Theory and calculation of nuclear reactors and radiation transport.
         Stochastic processes and noises.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Experimental investigations (methods, results, analysis).
         Noise measurements and analysis.