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Microscopic description of cluster radioactivity in actinide nuclei

M. Warda and L. M. Robledo

Phys. Rev. C: Nucl. Phys., vol: 84, num: 4, 17 pages, published: 13 October 2011, 044608

   Atomic nucleus.
      Nuclear structure.
         Cluster phenomena in nuclei. Cluster models.

   Atomic nucleus.
      Nuclear structure.
         Microscopic methods in nuclear structure theory (Hartree-Fock method, random phase approximation, etc.).
            Hartree--Fock--Bogolyubov method.

   Atomic nucleus.
      Radioactive decay.
         Other modes of radioactive decay: proton, heavy (cluster), etc.).

   Atomic nucleus.
      Nuclear fission.
         Fission (theory).