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Динамика показателя исчерпанной кумулятивной рождаемости у женского населения прибрежных сел реки Течи

Аклеев А.В., Шалагинов С.А., Буртовая Е.Ю., Пастухова Е.И.

Мед. радиол. и радиац. безопас., vol: 56, num: 4, 47-53, published: 09 July 2011,

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Radiation protection and radiation shielding.
         On-site and off-site dose analysis for atomic power stations and other installations and storages. Radioactive effluents, radioactivity spreading and fall-out.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Radiation protection and radiation shielding.
         Biological effects of radiation and radiation safety.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Nuclear power. Reliability and safety problems. Engineering problems.
         Accidents of reactors and NPP. Detection, experimental and calculational modelling and investigation of non-standard and accidental processes (methods and results).
            Elimination of accident consequences.