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Primary γ-ray spectra in 44Ti of astrophysical interest

A. C. Larsen, S. Goriely, A. Bürger, M. Guttormsen, A. Görgen, S. Harissopulos, M. Kmiecik, T. Konstantinopoulos, A. Lagoyannis, T. Lönnroth, K. Mazurek, M. Norrby, H. T. Nyhus, G. Perdikakis, A. Schiller, S. Siem, A. Spyrou, N. U. H. Syed, H. K. Toft, G. M. Tveten, and A. Voinov

Phys. Rev. C: Nucl. Phys., vol: 85, num: 1, 13 pages, published: 23 January 2012, 014320

   Atomic nucleus.
      Nuclear astrophysics. Nuclear interactions of cosmic rays.
         Synthesis of elements. Nuclear abundance.

   Atomic nucleus.
      Nuclear reactions.
         Nuclear reactions induced by 2H, 3H, 3He and α-particles (experiment).
            Interactions of 3H, 3He and α-particles with nuclei at E≤200 MeV.
               Radiative capture of α-particles.

   Atomic nucleus.
      Nuclear structure.
         Statistical and similar approaches in nuclear structure theory.
            Statistics of nuclear levels, fluctuations, level density, etc.

   Atomic nucleus.
      Radioactive decay.
         Electromagnetic transitions in nuclei (experiment).
            Electromagnetic transition rates in nuclei (40<A≤90).

   Atomic nucleus.
      Nuclear reactions.
         Nuclear reactions induced by protons (experiment).
            Proton-nucleus interactions at E≤ 200 MeV.
               (p, t), (p,3He) reactions.

   Atomic nucleus.
      Basic nuclear properties. Properties of particular nuclei.
         Properties of particular nuclei (experiment).