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Real time automatic detection of bearing fault in induction machine using kurtogram analysis

Farid Tafinine, Karim Mokrani

J. Acoust. Soc. Amer., vol: 132, num: 5, EL405, published: 01 November 2012,

Abstract: A proposed signal processing technique for incipient real time bearing fault detection based on kurtogram analysis is presented in this paper. The kurtogram is a fourth-order spectral analysis tool introduced for detecting and characterizing non-stationarities in a signal. This technique starts from investigating the resonance signatures over selected frequency bands to extract the representative features. The traditional spectral analysis is not appropriate for non-stationary vibration signal and for real time diagnosis. The performance of the proposed technique is examined by a series of experimental tests corresponding to different bearing conditions. Test results show that this signal processing technique is an effective bearing fault automatic detection method and gives a good basis for an integrated induction machine condition monitor.

      Acoustical measurements.
         Acoustical control in technology.

      Acoustical measurements.
         Methods and apparatus for acoustical diagnosis.