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High-purity thermoacoustic isotope enrichment

G. W. Swift, D. A. Geller, S. N. Backhaus

J. Acoust. Soc. Amer., vol: 136, num: 2, 638, published: 01 August 2014,

Abstract: In a tube many wavelengths long, thermoacoustic separation of a gas mixture can produce very high purities. A flexible wall allows a spatially continuous supply of acoustic power into such a long tube. Coiling the tube and immersing it in a fluid lets a single-wavelength, circulating, traveling pressure wave in the fluid drive all the wavelengths in the tube wall and gas. Preliminary measurements confirm many aspects of the concept with neon (20Ne and 22Ne) and highlight some challenges of practical implementation.

      Acoustical measurements.
         Acoustical control in technology.

      Elastic and vibrations waves.
         Nonlinear acoustics.