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Thermal Characterization, Using the Photopyroelectric Technique, of Liquids Used in the Automobile Industry
ICPPP-16 Special Issue 1: Selected Papers of the 16th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena

L. M. Cervantes-Espinosa, F. de L. Castillo-Alvarado,G. Lara-Hernández, A. Cruz-Orea, J. G. Mendoza-Alvarez, J. P. Valcárcel, A. García-Quiroz

Int. J. Thermophys., vol: 33, num: 10-11, 1916-1923, published: 01 November 2012,

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Nuclear power. Reliability and safety problems. Engineering problems.
         General problems.
            Conferences, symposia, schools.

   Atomic nucleus.
      Experimental methods and instrumentation for elementary-particles and nuclear physics.