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2D numerical research on needle-to-plate discharge in atmospheric pressure helium and air mixture
The 42nd IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS), May 24 – 28, Antalya, Turkey

Congwei Yao, Zhengshi Chang, Ping Li, Guimin Xu, Haibao Mu, Guan-jun Zhang

IEEE NPSS (Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society) Plasma Science and Applications (PSAC), vol: 2015, num: , 1, published: 24 May 2015,

   Plasma Physics (including Thermonuclear Fusion).
      Electric discharges (Gas discharges).
         Spark discharges.
            Growth of spark discharges. Spark channels.

   Plasma Physics (including Thermonuclear Fusion).
      Electric discharges (Gas discharges).