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Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Plutonium and Cesium Isotopes in Modeling of BR3 Reactor Spent Fuel

Andrew Conant, Anna Erickson, Martin Robel, Brett Isselhardt

Nucl. Technol., vol: 197, num: 1, 12-19, published: 01 January 2017,

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Nuclear power. Reliability and safety problems. Engineering problems.
         Fuel cycle.
            Fissionable and radioactive materials control. Physico-technical and non-technical aspects. Safety and nonproliferation guaranties.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Experimental investigations (methods, results, analysis).
         Determination of fuel composition, fuel burn-up, fission products contents and distribution, changes of fuel composition during fuel cycle and under post-irradiation storage.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Experimental investigations (methods, results, analysis).
         Experimental techniques and methods. Planning of experiment and experimental data treatment.
            Planning of experiment and experimental data treatment (methods, means, codes, results).Corrections determination. Error analysis. Determination and taking into account of detector efficiency. Inverse problems solving.

   Nuclear reactor physics.
      Theory and calculation of nuclear reactors and radiation transport.
         Reactors calculations.
            Sensitivity of calculational results to variations of input data. Evaluation of calculation uncertainties.