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Experimental studies of high-confinement mode plasma response to non-axisymmetric magnetic perturbations in ASDEX Upgrade
43rd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Leuven, 4-8 July 2016

W. Suttrop, A. Kirk, R. Nazikian, N. Leuthold, E. Strumberger, M. Willensdorfer, M. Cavedon, M. Dunne, R. Fischer, S. Fietz, J. C. Fuchs, Y. Q. Liu, R. M. McDermott, F. Orain, D. A. Ryan, E. Viezzer, The ASDEX Upgrade Team, The DIII-D Team and The Eurofusion MST1 Team

Plasma Phys. and Contr. Fusion, vol: 59, num: 1, , published: 01 January 2017, 014049

   Plasma Physics (including Thermonuclear Fusion).
      Magnetic plasma confinement. (including fusion reactions)
         Thermonuclear reactors (Fusion reactors).